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Welcome to Frausto Fabrications online store. Fantastic Jewelry for everyone. Frausto Fabrications are the creators of fabulous jewelry. Our pieces include sterling silver, semi-precious stones, unique beads and charms from around the world to make one-of-a-kind, wearable pieces of art. Necklaces, bolo ties, pins, and earrings are to be found on this site.

About Fraustojewelry.com

Frausto Fabrications was the brainchild of Patrick and Sarah Frausto. Patrick and Sarah were professional educators for over 35 years. Patrick, a foreign language teacher, and Sarah, an art teacher. They have always loved creating items of art. It was only natural that they would be drawn to the creative crafts and arts of drawing, painting, woodworking, welding, lapidary, jewelry just to name a few. After several years of making items to sell online and to the public through craft fairs and sales, the husband and wife team worked together to inspire products that contain both of their influences. Jewelry and lapidary have carried their small business to what you will find on this website. You will find here one-of-a-kind jewelry that is inspired by Sarah's love of color, composition and organization. Patrick's influence will be seen in their jewelry by the many complicated hand soldered silver centerpieces. To the left and bottom of these webpages you will find buttons that will link you to descriptions of the semi-precious stones that they use and a short peek into the works in progress. You will find videos of interest and also helpful hints to anyone wanting to know more about this Laramie, Wyoming based husband and wife jewelry making team. Through out this website you will find links to their many items that are for sale and can be purchased online through a secured server. Because these are one of a kind pieces, there is usually only one of the items for sale. Though through special requests duplicate items can be made for special occasions if ample materials exist. The materials are made of the highest quality that Patrick and Sarah can obtain. The silver is sterling, however, pewter is also used. Sarah has a vast collection of beads and it is possible to communicate with her and have that special piece made from scratch. Patrick and Sarah buy their beads from merchants from all over the world. Both cut bulk stones into slabs,then into cabochons and Patrick does the final silver jewelry work. By following the links you will be able to connect to their online website for purchase and more information on ordering. In closing they would like to thank you for your interest.

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